Help your Clients Relieve Pain and Reduce Tension


Using Deep Tissue and Neuromuscular or Trigger Point Techniques

What if there were an easier way?  A simpler, non invasive and safer way to get the results you want for your clients-that won't leave you exhausted and in pain at the end of your workday!

the problem
 You LOVE being a Massage Therapist, love helping the clients to feel better, but let’s face it, doing too much massage can be really hard on your body. 
If You're like me...
...You didn't go in to the Massage Field to burn out, hurt your hands or wrists or be so exhausted at the end of your day that all you can do is lay on the couch and veg out.
You really want to Help People
And you need a steady paycheck, but, man, doing 6, 7, 8 massages a day, back to back, each and every day is exhausting! What really matters is getting results for your clients, right? But does it have to come at the expense of your health and well being!?
You want to spend more time with your family but...
...there's only so much energy to go around. You have to pay the bills, so you need to work. You wonder how long can you keep this up, though.
BUT I'VE DISCOVERED to give my clients the results they need, without all the pain and suffering, 

and now... I'm on a mission to help others- just like you!

After 40 years as a successful MT-building a Company that is so busy, we turn business away every day, I've learned the secret to giving the client the results they crave-without hurting my body, burning out or being exhausted at the end of the day.

just imagine
IMAGINE all this and more!
  • Using simple breathing techniques to increase your energy and boost your immune system

  • Setting an Intention, breathing and INSTANTLY instantly realigning the entire spine! (Yes, really! You'll learn this technique on the very first day😍

  • ​Being able to FEEL the changes in your client, using very little of your own energy

  • Helping your clients, friends, family, co-workers to reduce their pain WITHOUT hurting your hands or wrists!
  • ​What would life be like if you could Unlock the SECRET to having more time, more energy to feel great all the time?!
  • ​Being able to quickly and easily soften muscle tissue, help the body realign and relieve pain, WITHOUT using force, heat or doing exhausting 2 hour Deep Tissue sessions?!
get all of this without
Relying on Force, Body Weight or even your Elbows to soften the tissue and help your clients get the results they want!

The Quantum Touch Energy Healing Course was created for people just like you- the person who wants a simple way to help their clients heal, body, mind and soul.....

You don't need
Complicated Massage Techniques or another “Proprietary Method" by the latest Massage guru. 
Quantum Touch
Simple Energy healing
It's easy to add in a few simple techniques that will help your clients quickly relax . your clients will feel as if they just had the best massage ever
an easy Alignment technique....
You learn how to align the occipital ridge and the hips with a light touch-it's like magic (but it's really science!)
All you is  need this simple Energy Healing technique, to quickly get your clients in alignment, while helping YOU boost your immune system, your energy levels and heal YOURSELF at the same time!


Quantum Touch Level 1 Energy Healing Course

Join us for a Two Day, Live Workshop. You will learn an Energy Healing technique that can help you to heal, increase your energy, boost your immune system and more! 

Massage Therapists earn 14 NCBTMB approved CEU Hours-

Perfect for MT’s right out of school, solo practitioners, struggling to build a practice and seasoned MT’s that are burning out -whose body is wearing down and want to have more energy at the end of their workday!

advanced training program includes everything they didn't teach in massage school!
how to avoid burnout and save your body from injury
how to QUICKLY align the clients body 
how to help others while increasing your own energy!
a mind blowing technique to balance the hips that you won't believe!

how to do a distance healing technique  that can save your ADD A NEW REVENUE STREAM TO YOUR PRACTICE!

→meet Your instructor

Massage Therapist Denise Willinger has been an MT for over 40 years. She has already been through burnout several times, and has figured out the secret sauce to help you continue doing massage, WITHOUT burning out.

Hi! I'm Denise Willinger, a Massage Therapist and Quantum Touch Certified Energy Healing Instructor.
I want to help make sure you have a long, fulfilling career as a Massage Therapist.
AND give you the secret to increasing your  energy any time you want ...
quantum touch energy healing for the massage therapist teaches you everything you need...
To have a thriving, successful practice with plenty of customers, confidence and skill  to turn them in to raving fans and the systems in place keep them coming back for  years to come. All without burning out, killing yourself working dawn to dusk or wasting time and money on things that don't work!
but you will need to hurry
There are limited spots available!

I can only take 10 students at a time. After you finish the training, you'll have the skills you need to add to your practice to get better results with far less effort!

All you need...

Is Two days, to be completely focused on yourself, your healing and how you can help others heal with less effort, energy than you can imagine-

I have been where you are, built a successful Massage practice (twice) Created an amazing business that eventually sucked the life out of me. I’ve actually burned out THREE TIMES, (crazy I know)

I love helping people, but helping others without taking care of yourself first will leave you frustrated, burned out, sick or flat out ready to quit.

Nothing’s worse than spending time and money on your career, then realizing you can't do your job without pain.

Quantum Touch has helped me learn to get results without force, to live in flow and be happy and pain free-even though I've been doing massage for almost 40 years!

Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals has reported that the burn out rate within the massage industry has been estimated at 50% to 88% within the first 3 to 5 years after graduation !!

That means only 20-50% of new graduates will still be practicing in 5 years!! That's crazy!

So, I want to try something new.

 I want to teach you how to take care of your customers, love what you do and have more energy than ever! How does that sound?

Here's how it works

Join our 2 day in person class OR meet on Zoom with your Certified Quantum Touch Level 1 Instructor along with the students enrolled in the class.

Here's What You'll Learn:
Day 1
quantum touch principles-
  •  Intention, Attention and Breathing to increase your Life Force Energy and begin to feel the increased flow of healing energy in your body

  • ​5 simple breathing techniques to help you focus and increase your energy

  • ​How to alter the posture to help the body quickly and easily realign (Mind blowing for the Massage Practitioner who thought they needed to use force, or refer their clients to a Chiropractor to get back in  alignment!

  • ​The science behind the techniques-using physics concepts of resonance and entrainment to amplify your results. Quantum Touch is more than just woo woo, or hippy dippy or  foo foo techniques. 

Day 2
Advanced Resonance Techniques
  • How to use the energetic centers of the body (chakras) to help with both self healing, and healing others 
  • ​How to use distance healing through time and space to help heal yourself and others.
  • ​Using Energy Healing to amplify your manifestation techniques
  • How to become a Certified Quantum Touch Practitioner or Instructor to add multiple income streams and teach others this amazing skill.
  • ​​How to let go of your attachment to the outcome-letting the Inner Healer of the client know what is best for their highest good. ALL healing is self healing and you learn to be a partner in your clients health and well being
Everything you need to Increase Your Energy, Boost Your Immune System ALL WHILE 

Helping Your Clients get the results they want from their sessions......

they said

Here's what my clients and students have to say about  Quantum Touch Energy healing. I can teach you to have these results, too!

Rhonda r.

Finchville, KY

Quantum Touch enhances my Massage Practice
Since Class I have been applying the techniques during my sessions. I believe they enhance my massage practice.
Michael K

Cross Creek, Ky

Denise was outstanding in her teachings. I feel like I have a new friend forever. The techniques were invaluable.
Denise was absolutely amazing! She was very thorough and clear when teaching me the Quantum Touch techniques. I highly recommend her class to anyone wanting deep insights, knowledge and hands-on training for this life changing method to healing. It was a wonderful experience.
Janice F.

louisville, Ky

I was not hurting when I left her office!
I had so much relief after my first session, I could not believe it! When I left the session, I walked out the door and had no pain at all. I thought, "Wow, I've discovered a miracle!" To be able to walk without pain for the first time in two years was one of the happiest days of my life. I've since been able to do many of the things I had to give up because of the pain. 

Thank you Denise!”

Jared C..

louisville, Ky

Since our first session, my life has changed in ways I did not actually think possible until now. 
I feel more like myself than I ever have with ever increasing mental clarity and physical energy every day! I even feel more aware and in control of my thoughts and emotions. It felt as if my body were a machine running on its lowest setting, and you helped me kickstart it to its optimal setting. You give many gifts in such little time.

The advice and knowledge you shared was highly practical, informative, and has helped me to better understand myself as I seek to achieve balance in my daily life. Taking my first Quantum Touch session with you might be the best decision I have ever made. I feel truly alive again and what’s more is I feel inspired to do the things I love, more than I ever have. I can’t begin to tell you how grateful I am for what you’ve done for me. thank you so, so much Denise!

when you can quickly and easily assess your clients, get their body in alignment, relax both body and mind-you can have amazing results, create raving fans and be as busy as you want.
You will learn to have these results with your clients, with less strain on your body, while increasing your own energy, health and happiness too!! I promise!!!!
remember, i won't be accepting new students until february. 
You could already be on your way to being the best Massage Therapist in your area. 

Just sayin'.......

you asked
Frequently Asked Questions:
How much time is required?.

The class is 2 full days 9-5 each day. You need to be present the entire time and participate fully to earn the 14 CEU's

How fast can I see results?
You will be able to feel the energy, and see a difference in the alignment of your partner on the very first day!

I don’t do deep-tissue massage, will this work for me?

Absolutely, you do not need force to make change in the tissues or to help your clients heal. No matter what style of massage you do, Quantum Touch Energy Healing techniques will help you get the results you want with far less effort, or wear and tear on your body!

Is this like reiki?

All Energy is just Energy. To me,  Quantum Touch is like Reiki on Steroids. It's easier to learn, no one has to do anything or give you an "attunement" for you to access the energy. I find Quantum Touch to be more accessible, and more powerful than the Reiki classes I took. Many people use QT techniques along with Reiki for even better results!

Are you ready to  make the decision to become the massage therapist you were meant to be?!

What will happen if you keep doing the same thing you’ve been doing? Where will you be in one year? 

Will you still be dreading each day, being exhausted and burnt out and collapsing on the couch every night because your massage business is sucking the life out of you! 

Make a CHANGE in how you practice, now before you lose one more moment of your life to an old paradigm!

The Quantum Touch Level 1 Course
with certified level 1 instructor denise willinger
Quantum Touch Energy Healing Course






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